Marion High School Class of 1982

Marion High School Class of 1982

Alexis Bowlds
08/07/1963 - 6/09/2004

Alexis BowldsI would like to memorialize my best friend (and always), Alexis Bowlds.She was my main link to my childhood and always amazed me what she remembered. Alexis passed away almost two years ago after having complications from heart surgery. She had a great sense of humor (loved playing practical jokes! year she emptied my school locker), actually enjoyed high school, and loved music.

Alexis passed away Wednesday June 9, 2004. She was born on August 7, 1963. She never thought she would make it past her 30th birthday, let alone her 40th...

For those who didn't know, Alexis was born with Marfan Syndrome which is a disease that enlarges your organs (her heart never stopped "growing" even though her heart valves did, hence, her operation, which, by the way, was her 2nd open heart surgery. Her first I believe was in 1989?). Unfortunately, Alexis was a more 'extreme' case. I guess that's why Alexis never wanted to grow up and always lived for the moment.

Alexis has been greatly missed by all those who knew her.

Monique (Davin) York



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